Make it Quick it’s time to Replace your Old Garage Door Opener


We all having garages in our homes and we know how this is necessary for the safety of our house especially garages are those places where we park our vehicles and all the old stuff which are not in our use. These openers are a great way to provide protection to our residential areas. Somehow we don’t bother to such things due to our busy schedules, so we simply take out the things from a particular place, used them and close the door and went back. Most of the houses are having door openers 15-20 years old. In this blog, I am going to let you know what the possible reasons are when you need to replace your old garage door opener. Let’s have a look these

  • Noisy Door Opener

If you have 15-20 years old garage door opener, it will produce an embarrassing sound which would be a disturbance for everyone. You might don’t notice, but your neighbors are going through with this from so long. Make sure this is not having an extra loud voice or if it has then checked the reasons. You will be happy to know this that latest models are less noisy and using quieter chains which are quite silent. So before your neighbor complain about this go and change this.

  • Home security

Old garage doors have low-quality features which will not be helpful for you to stop any burglar activities. Traditional openers had radio frequency identifiers which were quite popular. As compared to the latest one they are utilizing advanced technology features some of them are operating as per new codes each time. So you can say latest ones have reduced the burglar activities chances to some extent.

  • Battery Backup

Older ones were not having any battery backup especially when your car is locked in the garage and there is no power. You can manually open the door and pull out your vehicle, but this will not work for everyone so latest models have a backup which is an ideal option in power outage. #

  • No outer keypad is available

Older ones were operated manually so if you want to open the door, you had to use keys, but latest ones are more feasible because they have keypads outside of the garage doors. Outer keypads require simple entry code which wouldn’t be problematic for you. You can easily give access to people even when you are not in the home.

These are some valuable reasons which are demanding new garage door opener instead of having 20 years old one. As per technology is evolving latest features are coming out and they are making these openers more reliable and advanced. You can have these by renowned brands at cost effective rates. Through latest ones, you can keep an eye on your home in your absence as well, and you can give access to people as well. If you are having any of the above issues then without wasting your time replace your outdated model with new one. It will be a great addition to your home security.

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